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Tiny Videos for iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

Tiny Videos is a pedagogical app for babies and small kids. The app shows tiny videos that teach kids how animals move, sound, and eat. And with single tap use, it is adequate even for the tiniest ones. On iPad, you can even read pedagogical info texts to the kids, while together enjoying the animal videos.

Key Features of the Tiny Videos app

* 72 PEDAGOGICAL HD VIDEOS: The animal videos for kids are specifically created for the Tiny Videos app, with the young audience in mind. Enjoy for example cows mooing, dolphins hopping, and penguins diving!

* PEDAGOGIC COMBINATION OF CARTOON IMAGES AND REAL VIDEOS: In the Tiny Videos app, there are 3 animal sets, each showing 8 animal icons designed by the talented artist Lena Sonnbrink. Tapping an animal icon, a short movie shows the animal in real life. This educates the kids's ability to connect between artistic views and real life.

* EASE OF USE EVEN FOR YOUNGEST KIDS: A simple tap brings you to a video, and a simple tap on the video returns you to the animal icons - even the tiniest ones can do it. And another tap on the same animal icon shows another movie with this type of animal. This helps kids learn to group animals. Each animal icon leads to three different videos for this animal.

* PEDAGOGIC INFO TEXTS: For each video in the Tiny Videos app, a pedagogical info text can be shown that tells you a bit more about the animal and that can be read to the kids.

* NO EXTERNAL LINKS, NO ADVERTISEMENT: We want you and your kids to enjoy the Tiny Videos app, without distraction.

* UNIVERSAL APP: Buy it once, and get it for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

* NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED: After the download of the Tiny Videos app, no internet connection is required. So you and your kids can enjoy the animal videos independent of where you are.

* FULL USE OF IPAD SIZE: On iPad, full use is made of the bigger display, and a tiny video can be shown simultaneously with its text. Is it an app or a book with animated images?

* MANY LANGUAGES: The animal info texts can be shown in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, and Swedish. The language for the info texts in the Tiny Videos app is automatically chosen according to your device settings.

Options Settings for Tiny Videos

* Older children like to point at the animals in the videos. You can optionally return from a video with a swipe instead of a tap, so that pointing is no problem.

* When showing a video, you can optionally show an arrow that lets you skip to the next of three videos for a given icon. This comes in specifically handy when you read the info texts to your children on iPad, and quickly want to change to the next video. Is it an app or a book with animated images? Note: This setting only exists in the full version.

Tiny Videos Demo: Animal videos for kids in action!

What do you think about our animal videos for kids and the pedagogical texts accompanying them? Comments are greatly appreciated! Like us on Facebook and discuss issues or suggestions.

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If you surf to this website on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and then tap on any of the download links below, you will directly get to the right place in Apple's Appstore app. This is the most convenient way to download Tiny Videos.

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